Enter the heat of battle

Master four soldier classes and make your mark as you team up for daily Co-op missions or take on the world in tense, tactical PVP match-ups.


Scale new heights in Virtual Reality

Feel the exhilaration of extreme free solo rock climbing and conquer towering rock formations inspired by areas of natural beauty around the world.


The start of an adventure

When a young boy is stranded on an extrasolar planet, he must rely on his wits and two unlikely companions to survive as he pieces together the mystery of his crashed ship.


Welcome to GFACE!

GFACE is Crytek’s online gaming platform powering a unified experience for all our users.

GFACE is Crytek’s online gaming platform
powering a unified experience for all our users.

Discover and play great games from Crytek, and connect with a community of fellow gamers around the globe. By creating a free GFACE account, you’ll have access to a single unified launcher that powers all free-to-play game services from Crytek.


Single sign-on

Not only does GFACE empower you to play great games from Crytek, the same account details you use to log in will grant you access to forums, exclusive news, social features and more. One account—full access!

All your games in one place and up-to-date

GFACE handles the installation and updating of all your free-to-play Crytek games in one place. If you choose to leave the launcher running, new updates will be applied automatically so that the games are always ready to play.


Join the crew

Have your say on forums or via game portals, and communicate easily inside and outside of games using a single nickname that serves as your public identity across the GFACE ecosystem. From inside GFACE, you’ll also find highlighted news, events and promotions related to Crytek’s free-to-play games.

Ready to start?

Launcher screenshot

Configure GFACE to suit your needs. You can choose to keep your games automatically updated and receive system notifications when a game is ready to play, and you're always just one click away from being able to view and edit your GFACE account details and settings in the launcher.